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Why Metal Roofing?

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A very good question, click here to see why so many homeowners are making the switch to metal roofing

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You can count on Garvin Metal Roofing to treat your home project as if it were to be enjoyed by our own families.

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Garvin Metal Roofers Ohio Roofing Contractors

Residential and Commercial Roofing, providing re-roofs and new construction including metal roofs, asphalt shingles, tile, slate and flat roofs. Now serving Columbus | Springfield | Dayton | Newark | Mount Vernon | Delaware | Marion | Mansfield | Lancaster | Marysville and surrounding areas.


CoVid-19: How Garvin Metal Roofs Is Responding

With the CoronaVirus having such a massive impact on our daily lives, we want to ensure our customers know that Garvin Metal Roofs is embracing Social Distancing and working diligently to practice this and other recommendations by the government.

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We guarantee your project will get done right and meet the highest standards! We treat your home as if it were our own. Please see our reviews and if you’ve recently had a project finished by Garvin please create your own review!

Central Ohio Metal Roofing Contractors

To discuss a new roofing project or schedule a free estimate for your home or building call (570) 266-6474.

Serving all areas around the cities of Columbus, Marysville, Dayton, Springfield, and Lancaster Ohio.

Why Metal Roofing?

At Garvin Construction it’s our goal to educate you as much as possible about Metal Roofing so you can make a well-informed decision. Not only are metal roofs beautiful but they offer many benefits a traditional shingle roof cannot.

They last well over 40 years and it can be the last roof you’ll ever need! Metal Roofs are made to withstand the worst weather conditions and it’s possible you could get a break on your homeowners’ insurance!

While traditional roofing and Metal roofing are both a possibility for your home, the benefits of a metal roof far surpass those offered by a traditional roof. They are aesthetically pleasing; they will withstand any kind temperature, whether it’s the coldest night or the hottest afternoon, and save you money over time requiring far less maintenance.

Did you know that Metal Roofs Can Be Installed in the Winter, But Regular Roofs Cannot!

Winters in Ohio can be harsh; strong winds, ice, snowfall and freezing cold temperatures can take a toll on traditional roofing. This can lead to costly repairs or missing shingles blown away in the high winds.


Ohio Metal Roofing Services

Metal Roofing Styles & Services

Our reputation for quality and workmanship makes our family owned and operated business one of the strongest in the market. At Garvin Metal roofing, we will see to your every need, from top to bottom, with the outmost attention and expertise!

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Serving all areas around the cities of Columbus, Marysville, Dayton, Springfield, and Lancaster Ohio.

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Residential & Commercial Metal Roofing Contractors, now serving in Dayton, Columbus, Mount Vernon, Springfield, Newark, and Marion Ohio.

Ohio state’s residential and commercial roofing company, providing full services for new construction and re-roofs with the best materials available in the market, metal, asphalt shingles, tile, slate and flat roofs. Garvin Metal roofing company has 25 years of experience under its belt; throughout these years we have built a strong insight on the product we sell and the industry behind it. We pride our selves on purchasing our metal directly from the factories, which lowers the costs considerably and where do those savings go? They go directly to you!


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