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Metallic Roofing, Is It Right for Your Home?

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Metallic Roofing, Is It Right for Your Home?


It doesn’t matter if it’s a new or existing home one of the most important components of your house is the roof. There are dozens of roofing options available today that can offer you just about any color or texture to suit your preferences. Over the past couple of years metal roofing has been increasing in popularity. Metallic roofing is no longer just for commercial & industrial structures, and many homeowners have been choosing metal roofing for their homes. If you are in the market for a new roof and you are weighing your options, here are some important factors to consider about this popular choice.

Long Lasting & Lightweight Metallic Roofing

As you may already know, metal is fire resistant, mildew resistant, and impervious to insects & rot. You can expect this durable material to last for many decades. It can withstand severe winds, and its surface repels water and snow, greatly reducing the likelihood of leaks. Metallic roofing tiles are non-combustible, earning a Grade A fire rating, and some insurance companies actually offer discounts to homeowners who install fire-resistant types. Metal roofs are also considerably more lightweight compared to other popular materials. Metal roofing, depending on the exact type, can weigh less than a pound per square foot. Concrete and clay tile, on the other hand, can weigh between 5 and 10 pounds per square foot.

Metallic Roofs Are Energy Efficient

While asphalt shingles are well known to absorb heat, making your attic unbearably hot and taxing your cooling system, metal roofs reflect heat away from your home. This difference can save you a lot pf money on energy costs. Additionally, metal roofs are approximately 95% recyclable, so after their usefulness is over, they can be reused, rather than being dumped into a landfill.

Excellent Curb Appeal

Whatever look you are trying to achieve, you can get it with a metal roof. Many of the major manufacturers are creating metallic tiles to mimic the look of other conventional options, such as clay tiles, asphalt, and slate. Copper will produce an attractive patina over time, while diamond-shaped metal tiles complement more ornate architectural home styles, such as Victorian and Queen Anne.

Easy Maintenance

Metallic Roofs are very easy to maintain, requiring little more than an occasional removal of debris from the surface and the gutters. Additionally, if you need to walk on top of the surface, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent denting.

With a metallic roof you will save money over the long haul, however, with minimal maintenance costs and lower energy bills. So, if you plan to stay in your home for many years to come, an investment of this nature makes great financial sense.


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