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Metal Roof Cost – Common Myths Debunked

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Metal Roof Cost – Common Myths Debunked


Out of the box, metal roof cost can seem astronomical when comparing it to a traditional asphalt shingle roof. But to just compare absolute material cost and no other factors is not comparing “apples to apples”. Metal roofing does not get its cost effectiveness from its materials. To better understand the expense, we are more apt to examine the differences in an asphalt roof versus a metal one.

Asphalt always looks like a bargain. At approximately one third of the metal roof cost and warranty slapped on the package boasting twenty years or better, it seems clear to the uninformed that an asphalt roof will provide the same performance at a fraction of the payout. Over our time, warranties have become more a tool for marketing than a display of quality. We, as consumers, take it as a company standing behind their product for a specified amount of time but the details are in the small print. Don’t take it wrong, there are a lot of great warranties out there but it’s key to understand their limitations and fine print when taking warranties into account.

Upon further examination, we see that most shingle warranties do not cover the shingles to their claimed lifespan. Instead, the company heavily pro rates the value so if and when you were ever to file a warranty claim, you would not recover the amount of the initial product. Also, these warranties do not cover the cost of labor of the initial job or replacement.

The second biggest myth that homeowners face when comparing metal roof cost to asphalt are the effects of the environment has on them both. Your climate can bring some of the harshest conditions we could ever imagine. Scorching heat, hail, rain, sleet, snow, tornadoes, wildfires, and hurricanes are some of the environmental conditions we face in the United States. As these conditions get more extreme, the more asphalt shingles fail and the more often they will need to be replaced, thus increasing ownership costs and maintenance requirements.

Metal roofing is unmatched in wind resistance, impact resistance, and fire protection, setting the bar that is relatively untouchable by traditional asphalt shingling. Once we eliminate maintenance and replacement costs, there are also the beneficial effects metal roofing brings with it for energy conservation. Some products are even Energy Star Rated now, meaning they meet governmental requirements for efficiency. You will start recouping your metal roof cost simply in the amount of money you will save in heating and cooling your home.

No one will argue with you about the major cost difference. On paper, metal roof cost looks unnecessarily high and unjustifiable. But even with a quick look into the extreme benefits a metal roof brings with it, its incredible advantages become clear. Its little amount of maintenance and peace of mind will pay dividends for as long as you own your home and many years to come. Be sure to visit our website to learn more about metal roofing and to also find local contractors at metal roofing.


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