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CoVid-19: How Garvin Metal Roofs Is Responding

CoVid-19: How Garvin Metal Roofs Is Responding

With the CoronaVirus having such a massive impact on our daily lives, we want to ensure our customers know that Garvin Metal Roofs is embracing Social Distancing and working diligently to practice this and other recommendations by the government.

We are not asking our customers to meet inside their homes or at the kitchen table.

Below are some of the things we’re taking into practice;

  1. All takeoffs of the property & roof inspections, photos and all necessary prep-work can be done without you being present.
  2. We can meet with our customers outside of the home and do a demo (if preferred).
  3. Any meetings can be done online via video chat.
  4. All installs and field work can be done with zero direct contact with Garvin employees and personnel.
  5. Of course we will still meet with our customers the old-fashioned way – face to face with a comfortable distance apart.


Thank you!


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